Monday, April 5, 2010

Thank You Star Movies

Alexander Ludwig. I have remembered the face since the day I saw the movie "The Seeker: the Dark is Rising" where he played as Will Stanton but the name I only knew when I saw his recent movie "Race to Witch Mountain" with Anna Sophia Rob and Dwayne Johnson.

I will say this once. He is so cute. I will say it again. He is so cute. Just try to look at him in the eyes and you will know what I'm talking about. :) (wala pa ring dadaig kay Matt Evans)

Anyway, because of Star Movies, I was able to discover this rare specie that has been existing mundanely for 17 years already (he's roughly a year ahead of my own existence).

This image of an innocent lad with nestled blonde hair and fiery dark green eyes just caught my attention. His saturnine face and intrepid brows is responsible for the exposure of the genuine charm in him. wiw...His perfectly curved lips match wonderfully to the well-mounted nose that towered his image. And his ears? hmmm...just good.

However, he looks a lot better in movies and action scenes wearing typical jeans, shirt and jacket than in pictorials with prestigious stars wearing coat and tie.

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