Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reaching the Zenith of the Pyramid

Her appearance in the recent ABS-CBN show Little Big Star revealed a new diva in the music industry. Though her stardom did not arrive in a snap of a finger, she was still blessed to be discovered by the once mysterious False Voice who threw her to the throne.

Just like most of the singers' success stories, hers was as surprising and as overwhelming as the rest of her colleagues' in the industry where she's in.

The last time I turned the television on, I ran through MYX and was able to see her music video “Pyramid”. Wow! This minute image of a Filipina singer has gone international. I cannot deny that she indeed has one great talent which I would consider phenomenal. One heck of a voice you got there, Charice!

I am not fond of idolizing people in the spotlight or their glittery outfits or their awesome talents or their striking beauties but I think this time, I have to say that I am a fan of Charice (slight rah). I hope I can hear more of her international hits on the later issues.

I just found a reason to be proud of my nationality.

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