Friday, April 30, 2010

Hue Days

We learned our first colors when we were in our kindergarten years. We had the primary colors made up of blue, red and yellow; the secondary colors -- green, orange, and violet; the tertiary colors -- red orange, yellow orange, blue green, yellow green, blue violet, and red violet. Then, here comes pink, brown and the shades white and black.

Sabal sah? Anyway, tsada ra na if you are really into colors. I don't what my purpose is for making this post, but at least I encountered new colors which I thought did not exist. These are examples..

  • feldgrau
  • fulvous
  • grullo
  • harlequin
  • icterine
  • isabelline
  • jonquil
  • verdigris
  • xanadu
  • zaffre
  • teal
  • alizarin
Nose bleed ang mga names.. it's hard to remember for kindergartens.. :0)

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