Friday, September 16, 2011

The Skin "Curse"

Tuesday. The night was deep and almost silent when a big rainfall alarmed the passengers of the bus. I for one did not like the sudden outpour not only because I did not bring any umbrella but also because I was so hungry that I wanted to collapse. Imagine, I arrived home 10:30 in the evening. I came from a meeting in the pub and the discussion was long so I have to endure the churning stomach of mine. My father never made it to me on time. The bus was just ahead in a matter of seconds. Before his arrival, I was already shivering and all soaked up.

As I entered the house, my siblings and Nanay were already in bed. Good for them. I have to go directly to the kitchen and grab anything of taste. But my chubby sister called me and said, "Te Jen, gihangga ko." (Ate Jen, I have a chicken pox). I was almost surprised. Two weeks ago, my younger brother had his share of red, itchy dots around his body and he has to miss the Boy Scout Encampment. Now, it has become my sister's turn.

Since I have entered the room already, I decided to proceed to the next room where Nanay was lying. She turned and asked how I was doing. I replied sweetly and looked for a neat pair of sleeping wear from a nearby stack. Then, she said, "Gihangga pud baya ko ging." (I'm having these dots too).

I was like, woooow! Time out. Nanay and Bon-bon had their share of chicken pox in one setting. Does that mean that I would also have mine too? It was said that once you have not experienced chicken pox yet, you will most likely have it in some other time of your life. It's like part of growing up. And since I have not had mine yet, I was bothered at the thought that I will be getting one, too. Isolation was the best idea I could think of. I slept in the living room, and though it was raining, I had to turn the electric fan on so that mosquitoes won't disturb me.

The next morning, Joy got up and told Tatay that she also has red dots. She was contaminated with Bon-bon's chicken pox (since they slept in one bed the night before). Double woooow! There's three of them now, and three of us, including my father and my younger brother, who do not have the skin "curse".

Today is Friday, and their faces and the whole body are still studded with fluid-filled blisters. Tonight will be the fourth night in the living room. I might not be used to sleeping without someone beside me but hopefully, they will get better sooner than expected. I just also pray I will not have a share of it, no, not yet. Finals week is fast approaching and I have to comply with all the requirements in all my subjects without interruptions before that day comes.

So help me God!


  1. Good luck with the Finals! We all have our academe to worry about. :D

  2. check :)

    bahala na ang worries basta makaya at makapasa...God bless :)

  3. usually di ka mahahawa basta-basta kung kakain ka ng healthy food, fruits etc. and just iwas tumambay sa place na tinambayan ng may sakit

  4. ..thats a big OMG!!!! ur next.... hehehe..... u can't avoid it because that disease is known to be very contagious ... naku, sa TN sa sleep yaw sa ug uLe sa n.u( JUST A FRIENDLY ADVICE LANG NAMAN)!!! hehehehe,, kaw rin!!

  5. hahahha....naku Jela, okay na mga kapatid ko :) pinalunok na rin ako ni tatay ng napakaraming kalamansi at Enervon para di mahawa....hahaha

    so no need to overnight..hehehe


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