Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 15

Success. Thanks be to God. Yehey! My class demonstration is done. And I never thought I would get a commendation from my teacher for acting and delivering my lessons like a real teacher. Thank you so much Lord. You have heard my prayers and have controlled my shivers. You have always reminded me to smile and have that presence of mind even if I am in the middle of a stammering situation. I am now done with my snacks, and what matters now is that another report for my Ecology subject tomorrow.

The Hair. Teehee. I have a shorter, shaggier hair cut now, and it brought a couple of reactions from my friends (the normal reaction upon seeing anything new to their senses). Well, I feel good with it. I can let the wind blow it, and I can act a little emo with it. haha.

Other Matters? I don't know how to concentrate with this oh so little time to prepare for tomorrow's report for Ecology. And to think that that teacher of ours is just huge enough to swallow me whole if I won't get these facts with me right. 

I want to doodle, I want to eat pizza, I want to sleep, I want to play Orangeshark, I want to eat ice cream, I want to cry, I want to go shopping, I want to wallow in nothingness, I want to chat with God the whole day, I want to sing, I want to start my novelette, I want to try 10fastfingers.com again and again, I want to eat adobong kangkong, I want to go to Kashmir and witness how life goes there, I want to dive from a cliff to a placid sea, I want to pilot a plane, I want to go to Antartica and freeze to death (haha..di naman), I want to...uhm, I want...

Oh how lovely this day is... :) I have just appreciated it, with all its beauty. Bow!


  1. abodong kangkong? karon pa ku naka dungog ani...

    have you tried crispy kangkong? it's yummy

  2. @albert: adobong kangkong is nice bert...tell your mom to cook one :)

    @josh: thank you joshy :) God is good all the time.

  3. Praise be the Lord. It is obvious that God has shared His glory and majesty in your works. Hope God continually blesses you :)

    Thanks for following my blog. I followed yours too.

    And I love the color orange. Kudos!

  4. You're from Dumaguete? I noticed the Norsu logo at the side. I have a previous classmate who's studying there now. Hehe

  5. @ıǝɹɯɐı: thank you for loving color orange :) hehe...many here just find it "yucky"..hehe

    and yes, I am from NORSU, from Dumaguete :)

    @ed: thanks for droppin' :)


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