Friday, September 16, 2011

The Google Express

I might say I am a Google fan. Everytime I ain't sure of something or ain't knowledgable about an occurence or to confirm a fact, I resort to Google. That is what the people in the school pub tell me. "You Google it, my gosh!", "Ask Google.", or "Google can answer that." And as often as always, I get the information that I am after. Thanks.

Aside from that, however, I have noticed one thing about Google. It is a creative site. Have you observed their great logos? Stupendous! And it is so KEWL (cool). Check some of it.

Summer Olympic Games, Beijing, Aug. 08
Sesame Street 40th Anniversary
In commemoration with Popeye's creator, Elzie Segar

40th Anniversary of Comic-Con

1st day of summer

25th Anniversary of Tetris

50th Anniversary of NASA

Alexander Popov's Invention of Radio

Apollo Lunar Landing Anniversary

Chinese New Year

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Earth Day

Edvard Munch's Birthday

Einstein's Birthday

Florence Nightingale's Birthday

Google's 10th Birthday


Historically Long Solar Eclipse

Igor Stravinsky's Birthday

Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday

Mother's Day

Martin Luther King's Birthday

Missing Link Fossil Discovery

National Library Week

National Teacher's Day

New Year

Nikola Tesla's Birthday

Father's Day

Father's Day Again
Veteran's Day

Samuel Morse's Birthday

World Water Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day (cute version)

Up in the Clouds


The BEST so far!
Philippine Independence Day

Here's more...and more! Enjoy.


  1. like ko tong post mo..ahihihi

    ang creative nga ng google...nice blog you have here!

    it's sooooo PULPY:D


  2. thank you indiboi :) i so commend google for their creativity...

    mas na excite ako when they featured something orange...sana dumami pa ;)


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