Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Thoughts Part 26

French Fries. I’ve been smelling French fries everywhere lately. In fact, I am drenched in its scent right now, while doing this post. But since geography puts me 28 kilometers away from the nearest fast food chain, I cannot just grab a broomstick and fly away for a handful of French fries. The soonest I can visit the city, the soonest I can quench this quaint craving for these yellow fatty sticks. Weekend! Halika na!

Bad Habit. How do you break the mould of a bad habit? The bad habit of being late ALL THE TIME to be exact. How how de carabao?

Missing the Old Times. I miss college. I miss the pressures and exhaustions of college. The expectations of the people around me were quite different then than the expectations of the people now. Darn expectations! I am currently in the transition period. Back then, I thought flunking a subject or absenting a class is tragic. Now, I only think of those times as mild tragedies since I am facing a much bigger blight. This time, I have to deal with three things as part of life’s harsh reality -- yielding to a tangible boss who has nothing but beans in his brain, to an intangible boss who never tires to psychologically and physically tire me (and all the other teachers for that matter), and learning to balance respect for both.

New-Found Love. Despite all the new-found pressures is a new-found love. Since day one of ABS-CBN’s Pure Love, I try not to miss a day not seeing it. It’s my only consolation after a tiresome day at the office. And yes, it has served me well, especially because Joseph Marco is just so cute. Super cute! And Arjo Atayde’s dimples and eyes are breathtaking, too. Love love!

Okay. Tama na. It’s time for me to wake up and wrestle with life’s realities.


  1. parang nagcrave din ako sa french fries sa post mo. hehehe

    1. hala! nakakahawa ang cravings ko. :D pati yata si rei gusto ring kumain ng fries. ^_^


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