Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Voice

His voice turned me on. 

With the new tutorial that I have, I was able to meet new people and new personalities with new time slots in a new workplace. And with this NEWNESS comes some random appreciation for specific persons. For short, I have this one person I started to have a crush on. [ayiiiieee :)]

The history. The first time I heard that voice, I was seated on my cubicle, preparing for my first class. The instance and the exact thing I was doing during that time was not as vivid as the masculinity of the voice that I heard. The voice was not husky but it is very masculine. It speaks of strength and compassion, intimacy and fun, calmness and perfection. Oh my gooosssshhh!! I have fallen in love with that voice. And I know that the person who owns that voice is just one cubicle across. I can clearly hear him. Golly, golly, golly. ^_^

The development. I have been in this new workplace for almost two weeks now, and everyday, I hear that voice. It just makes my day, really. And even if I am tired from work, from talking to Korean kids, hearing that voice soothes everything. 

The discovery. And tonight, finally, I discovered who the owner of the voice was. After long nights of guessing which vocal chords that voice come from, I now have a face to THE VOICE. ^_^ He is tall, brown-skinned (moreno), and good-looking. (hihi) I came to know of this thing from another workmate of mine who belongs to the same cubicle row as him. (I'm blushing right now because I can clearly hear his voice.)

P.S. I can't help but smile every time I hear him laugh. And yeah, we are wearing my favorite color today. The BOTH of US!! Isn't that GREAT???? :))) hahaha


  1. Ahhh. To be young.. I love it! ;)

    BTW, will be going to Dumaguete in August. Hope to see you! ;)

    1. woooow. that's wonderful. we might hang-out during that time. keep me updated. hehe :))))

  2. hahaha. a guy's voice is a BIG thing. I'm still in love with my bf's voice until now. gentle and refined but very masculine too.

    1. ooooh. that reminds me of a friend's insight. "women are receptive to voice." and i have proven it true. :)


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