Friday, May 3, 2013

Random Thoughts Part 23

Hi there. I have missed this blog lately. Maybe not very lately because I have been away for so long. (hihihi) And since I am back, I will just talk about randomness. That's what I am good at anyway. ^_^

Tiresome, enjoying. I have a new job. Hooray for me. I am now teaching toddlers in the city (two-year-old kids) at a prestigious private school. This is the end of my second week now and on Monday, the applicants who are having their on-the-job training will be evaluated by the principal. Hopefully, I will have good remarks during the evaluation so that I will be able to get a teaching position on June. I am getting more excited as that day approaches. hihi.

Dealing with little children, you ask me. Hoooo. Superbly tiresome. There are 14 of them and three of us (teachers). But within that two-week bond with the kids, the teachers have successfully established trust inside the classroom and the babies are getting more used to our presence than ever before. I am very happy for that.

In fact, one of the kids keep on tugging my blouse every time I stand up. He always wanted to sit on my lap and do the "horsey-horsey" moves. He loved that a lot. Sometimes, when I talk to the other kids, he would approach me and smile, and then finally tug me, which means he is trying to get my attention. This cute little guy is named Nate. Oh that wonderful baby scent. He is just so adorable. Hmmm, that sounds like I am having favorites. All of them are so adorable. That cannot be denied.

Even if it is tiring to work with these kids, I know that I am on the right track, that teaching really is my thing, for I am enjoying every minute with them. And I thank God for this wonderful opportunity.

Saying goodbye is not easy (especially to kids). I am also working part time in one of the online tutorial centers here in the city (aside from my tutorials at home). Our customers here are Korean kids. Aside from noticing that they are all wearing eye glasses, these kids are apparently enrolled in this online tutorial for them to become English, if not proficient, speakers.

This is just like working part time in a call center. But I believe this is better than the latter because this has something to do with dealing with kids. And I need that training for my profession.

And yes, for the good bye part. Well, today will be the last day for one of the teachers here. She will be resting for a month and then will pursue her teaching profession in the real world. Since I had the chance to have a side-by-side lesson with her, I was able to talk to her student online. And while she was talking, bidding goodbye to her student, I can see how the Korean boy's eyes welled with tears. While watching, I realized how they have been attached to each other in a teacher-student manner.

It's heartbreaking but it's part of life. So we might as well get used it.

Minutes from now, my class will already start tonight. God bless you. Have a great weekend. ^_^


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