Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting a Dose of Their Teacher's Day Celeb

Today is Teacher's Day in Korea. Since it is a special day for Koreans, I asked my online students about what they have done to thank their teachers. 

One of my students, in the name of Brandon, answered me and said, "I did not give anything to my teacher. But my mom gave her something." I asked him what it was but he just replied, "I can't tell you. It's top secret."

I gave a full blast of laughter after he said that. This eleven-year old boy really knows how to make me laugh. 

Later during our class, his father showed up in the video camera and I greeted him a good evening. He answered back with a big grin on his face. With Brandon still smiling beside him, he said, "I heard about you from my wife. Thank you so much for teaching my kids good English. You are such a good help to them."

Wow!! Did I hear it right? The parents like me. Now, the father is thanking me for the good teaching I have imparted to their children. I am so HAPPY. I just got a dose of happiness from their Teacher's Day Celebration.

Another student of mine, in the name of Daniel, also had a surprise for me in this special day. This 16-year-old lad sang me a song from Westlife, saying that it is one his favorite artists. He did the "My Love" song of the group and I could not help but draw a wide smile on my face. What a super wow! 

Because of these small things from my foreign students, I will have more reasons to make better in my teaching, be it in a virtual or real classroom setting. Salamat po ng marami LORD. 


  1. pinakaen mo mga fish mo haha!

    happy Teachers Day pala : )
    and its a good thing na nagustuhan ka ng parent ng tinuturuan mo.. minsan need natin ng mga ganyan para lalo natin mahalin ang trabaho natin ^_^

    keep on rokin!

  2. hehe. nabusog na sila. ^_^

    thanks po. indeed. those are just small things but are good motivating factors to keep us going.

    rock on!! ^_^

  3. Happy teacher's day to you! i hope you never get tired of teaching your dear students :)

  4. hello there! actually i have already sent you a comment, but the system crashed and I don't know if you got it that's why I'm writing this comment again.

    Hehehe. You're so lucky you have friends abroad. You must be really proud of your self because having the parents thank you means really something. keep u the good work!

    I want to work online too. I just don't know if I have what it takes. hahaha.

    Follow my new blog. :)

    1. hi jelai :) i did not get any of your message but thanks again for remessaging. haha :)))) i just followed your new blog.

      it's really enjoying. the korean kids are so adorable. ^_^

  5. I understand the feeling Ms. Orange Pulps. I also experienced similar greetings and the words are like making you smile for no apparent reason. When the parents started to utter words of thanks for making or teaching their children become better, oh no words can explain the sweet agony.

    Keep up the good work Ms. Rolyn.

  6. happy teacher's day to you. at kulet ng mga koreans. at super humble sila noh.

    1. yep. they are so makulit and they do not forget easily. haha.


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