Friday, June 8, 2012

I Cried Today Because of my Teacher's Story

I was not expecting for any drama moments today. Our Developmental Reading 2 class was not even intended for that. But as we were settled in for the new discussion, our teacher drew a bondpaper from her drawer and started saying, "I will read to you a short story. You listen carefully. I don't want anyone to write anything. Just listen." 

And so we did. We tried to be as keen listeners as possible because there were questions to answer after the story is read. 

"Eight Lies of a Mother," she started.

As the story reading went on, I felt something odd inside me. Inside my chest, to be specific. At first, I thought it was normal. But as the reading of the story went on, and as I slowly craned my neck for possible reactions from my classmates about the story, my eyes turned watery and tears tried to fall. I managed to wipe them later, but it seemed to be too late. My classmates have also been wiping their eyes. I even saw one of my tough classmates who was known to be a "bad guy" cry. 

I could say our teacher was a good story teller and the story was indeed very beautiful and very touching. Try reading the story and share your sentiments later. Just click this link: 


  1. have had experience this as well. Stories made us cry, better yet learn something from it.

  2. sadyang may mga kuwento na nagpapalungkot sa atin...

  3. I love powerful stories, I will be sure to check this one out!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. napanood mo yung film ni Vilma santos na ANAK?...parang TAnging Ina din no?


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