Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Months, And Counting!

Part of our deal was to explore and dine in (affordable) restos around Dumaguete City once a month during our Friendsary. My close college friends/publication buddies/medems and I started celebrating our one-of-a-kind friendship February of this year. The idea surfaced when we were lying inside our almost-shabby-but-still-manageable-greenish tent, gazing at the full moon. It was supposed to be a celebration of SAD or Single Awareness Day. Guess what day it was! Yeah! February 15, a day after the world celebrated heart hearts or Araw ng mga Puso. In English, uhm, uh…yeah, I remember. Valentine’s Day. So it all started there.

We only see each other once a month now due to our busy working schedules unlike in college wherein we see each other almost every day. They both work night shift on a “kewl” call center in the city while I teach in our municipality, about 29 kilometers away from the Negros Oriental capital. And we make sure we arrange our meeting on a weekend. If the 15th of a particular  month falls on a weekday, we only send greetings to each other and then automatically make plans for the upcoming weekend. On that particular day, we make the most out of our bonding. We eat, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk (insert choking and laughing at the same time here), and the best part—take groupies! ^_^

Sometimes, it’s okay for people to be away for a while because you will have something to look forward to; and the excitement that tags along with it will never fade. It is on that day wherein you hate to see each other part but you have to because you know that although you will miss them, you will definitely see them once again soon.

Like all other friendships, ours wasn’t also perfect. There were misunderstandings and mistrusts. There were Indianan moments and ruined expectations. There were away-bati episodes, just like all other friendships. But I personally thank God because He preserved this relationship. Sayang naman ang pinag-samahan, the years we spent together, and of course, it’s hard to let go of people you love so dear.

Cheers to our friendship! Cheers to all our friendships! May they last a lifetime!


  1. Replies
    1. sige man gud kang busy matod pa nimu. i hope you can find time to bond with us. we miss you!


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