Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bubbles in the Wind

The past few days have been silent episodes of my existence as a self-confessed chronic blogger. Lately however, as I scanned through possible Youth Bible Study Guide materials, I came across two lovely poems written by names I never know. So yeah, their God-inspired poems are worth sharing.

Bubbles in the Wind
By Robert R. Hostetler

Sometimes, Lord, my faith seems
so fragile.
            Like bubbles in the wind.

They sparkle with transparent
            and wobble in the wind,
                        frail and fine.

I want to be strong, to feel in

But then
I remember
            it’s their delicate weakness
and their utter surrender to the
that allow bubbles in the wind
to fly.

By Gulsvig

Feeling desperately alone
Yet not knowing why
And not really wanting to try
To know the reason
Yet still farther
Down in the corners of my mind
Is a question
Wondering why
I still feel it slipping away;

The cold north wind
Blowing through my soul,
Right through to my heart
Piercing it and what?
One drop appears
Falling slowly
One crimson drop

…’tis my Savior’s!


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