Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's Go HEAT!

This is my persistent yet silent cheer for the Miami HEAT during their game 7 with the San Antonio Spurs. Early this morning, I thought I will not be seeing the last game between the two rival teams because of the brownout in our place. But at around 9:15 AM, the electric current came back. Imagine the joviality I felt during that time. 

I was so distracted with my studies because of the thrill of the game. I kept reading, though, while anticipating for the wrong moves of the opposing team and the numerous turnovers, fouls and other penalties of both teams. 

Anyway, it all narrowed down to 88-95, in favor of MIAMI HEAT!! Woohhooooo! They are officially the 2013 NBA Champions.Kudos! 

But kung "epic-epic" lang ang pag-uusapan, wala ng tatalo sa Game 6 nila. This is the best NBA Championship Series yet.

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