Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Thoughts Part 21

Friday na. Super bilis na talaga ng oras ngayon. Two more Final examinations and totally goodbye to the second semester of the school year 2011-2012.

Postponed AGAIN! Studying is no joke. Expecting for an examination for a certain day is not a funny business. But there is no funnier thought than knowing that your teacher has once again postponed the examination for no apparent reason. Urgh! The tension keeps on haunting me and my classmates. But we have to give in, follow her scheduled time, and take the test the moment she's ready. Tsk.

Goosebumps. So there we were, sitting outside the Mini-Theater, and talking about random topics. Then, we ended talking about sigbins, white ladies, cas-cas, bal-bal, and the like. (These are ghost characters common here in the Philippines) The best was narrated by one of our close friends, and she was so serious about it. Later, we freaked out with it's ending and then laughed like idiots until we had watery eyes.

Here's the story:

The night was deep. While riding on a motorcycle, the woman told her husband that she felt like someone was following them. She looked back and realized that it was a white lady, and no matter how fast her husband has squashed the throttle, the white lady seemed not to cease follow them. 
Wife: (with a shrieking voice) Unsaon man nato ni? What are we to do now?
Husband: (shaking) In Jesus' name! In Jesus' name! Nawala na? Is she gone? 
Wife: Ginoo ko! Naa ra gihapon. Oh my God! It's still following us. 
Husband: Mag-ampo tah. Let's pray. 
Wife: Hail Mary, full of grace...
Husband: Hail Mary, full of grace...
White Lady: (pointed her head and twirled her fingers in the air) Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you... *then laughed.

Implication: 'Di na tatalab sa mga multo ngayon ang mga prayers na yan. ^()^ hahaha.

Backtracks. As I came in the office, a video was playing. There, I found out that the EIC has slashed the policy on "No opening of social networking sites and playing of videos during office hours." With a bright idea in mind, I sat beside one of my colleagues and watched with her. From video reviews on The Voice and American Idol, we resorted to song hits by Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion. 'Twas a fun time to trance for some time that we have voices as beautiful as theirs. haha. 


  1. pasensya na ha, di ko binasa yung nakakatakot na part. matakutin talaga ako eh. hehehe.

    naalala ko nung college pa ko pag mag-eexam na pinagppray namin na sana imove yung exam kasi mga wala kaming review maxado, then pag iminove naman ng porf magagalit naman kami, kexo sayang pagpupuyat. etc! ang gulo noh. hehe

  2. sigbins,cas-cas, bal-bal, are not ghost ahhah
    abat na!

  3. hehe yeah, just seeing that photo of years gave me goosebumps!

  4. Who said I trashed that policy? Tsk!

    It is really true that the rats play when the cats away. Anyway, I'll be out soon. It's for you to decide whether you'll continue that policy or not.

    hahahah...You even posted it...LOL!

  5. @jhengpot: hehe. even I. matatakutin talaga ako. ^_^ but the ending of that story is somewhat funny. you could've finished reading it. hehe

  6. hahaha. sumabay tlga ung white lady. kalurks.

  7. Catholic na kasi sila Orange hahahaa. joke

  8. @the green breaker: haha. tama. :) di na talaga tatalab yan sa kanila.

  9. saya ng ganyan... kwentuhan pag walang pasok.. hehe

  10. nasa blog list na po kita....salamat sa pag add mo sa blog ko sa blog list stage 2...

  11. hahah naalala ko tuloy mga night moments ng mga kakalasi noong college.. hahah talagang sa katakutan mapupunta ang usapan.. :)

  12. hahaha imbes na matakot ako sa pic, naging interesado pa ako at funny pala ending, cool! naalala ko tuloy nung college ako, nakatira kami sa oldest dormitory at kilalang haunted, aguy malay ko ba basta mura dun tumira e lels. ayun, basta on and before examination week, mahilig magparamdam mga ghosts na yan hahaha


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