Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Thoughts Part 20

Wow! I cannot imagine how I have become so silent in the blogosphere for so many days now. As much as I wanted to open blogger and make sensible posts for everyone, I still don't have enough of the time stretch to do it. I hate to say this, but the past few days have been busy -- school stuffs, Finals Week, and the like. ^_^

So yes, I am here again to write randomness. Nothing else. And it's gonna be set in Taglish mode. 

Nagkita na si Katerina at si Daniel. Oo, yes. Sa mga fan ng teleserye na 'to, apir. I have never been a good fan of Filipino teleseryes before 'coz I really hate the imitations of the story plot from foreign movies I have already watched. I really don't like stories with predictable plots and endings. I don't like teleseryes wherein the protagonist looks so martyr, he does not know how to fight back. I hate that. But since this teleserye in ABS-CBN, Walang Hanggan, serves a dish with a little more spice than the usual, the whole family freezes in front of the television to watch. Even my father, the number one hater of teleseryes, never miss one night without Walang Hanggan. Awesome!

And just last night, the moment for both Katerina and Daniel, the lovers separated by fate, has finally come. After two years apart, they have seen each other again, but this time, leads the former to go hysterical at the sight of the latter. Revenge is coming at a full throttle. Marami ng nangyari sa mga buhay nila with that two years. Ayyyy! Kung 'di n'yo pa napapanood ang seryeng ito, nood nah. hahaha.

Look what's on Google today. Akira Yoshizawa. Known as a grandmaster of origami. And Google is celebrating his 101st birthday TODAY. As I surfed the net for more information about this man and his works, I have seen how prolific he is with his works and how passionate he is with his skill to gear up origami into the higher level.

Wet-folding is the new word for the day. This is a technique that uses water to dampen the the paper so that it can be folded or molded easily. And this was a technique by Mr. Yoshizawa himself.

If he would still be alive today, then he would know of this greeting of mine. Or maybe not! ^_^ Happy birthday to the origami genius.

Tonight is the night. Well, I have anticipated for this night. It's the election for the new editorial board of our publication, and I am quite neutral about it. Whatever happens tonight, God knows. The future of The NORSUnian will depend on the new set of editors to be conferred tonight.

Hopefully, this publication of ours will have a decent future under the new administration and the new members.

This is the staff for the present school year. This photo will soon be different. New faces will emerge, some will be gone, and some will stay. But one thing is for sure. The people in this photo will always be a part of the history of The NORSUnian. 


  1. awww makahilak pud ta sa last nga part Orange.huhu..

    wa jud koy L anang Walang Hanggan... hahaha

  2. My mom watches Walang Hanggan every night, and hates it when she misses it. Nothing beats ABS-CBN teleseryes for me. :)

  3. @Albert Einstein☺: haha. yes indeed. and congratulations to you mr einstein for being the new associate editor. ^_^

  4. Is that a peacock he's holding? Magnificent. I idolize him. :)

  5. Awts. Hindi ako makarelate sa Walang Hanggan. Hindi ako nanonood nyan eh.. IKR! hehe.. Hindi lang talaga ako mahilig manood ng TV. :)

    May talent ako sa origami.. dati. Ngayon, ewan ko lang. Hindi na yata ako marunong. haha..

    Well, congratulations sa kung sino man nanalo sa election for your publication's new editorial board. Good luck! Speak your mind and spread the news. :)

  6. @Vallarfax: yes. it's a peacock. ^_^ he's really good.

  7. @Leah.: that's okay ate leah. hehe.

    ..ako? wala talaga akong talent. but recently i just made a butterfly out of paper. hehe

  8. that walang hanggang splash screen reminds me of their billboards that were once in NLEX, SLEX, and EDSA. akala ko billboard ng Highlands Corned Beef

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. yeah!!!u`r ryt Albert!!I also love the last part . . .:) . .mkamingaw .


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