Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have Your Ballpen At All Times

I might as well could have cried because of recklessly forgetting one important thing in the girl's quarters. I am not like that, though. I just watched them silently as I tried to make a draft of my own in my head. 

He drew several cool stuffs from a giant paper bag as he talked about the lecture. What amused me most was the green built-in planner and diary. I was determined to have that at all cause, if and only if I have that one thing so necessary to scribble texts into the paper. Unfortunately, I did not secure one in my bag and the organizers was not able to provide us--late people--with the kit, complete with a ballpen, a notebook, a copy of their latest issue of the magazine and three various issues of their school papers. I was supposed to get excited since it would be a beautiful remembrance and reference back home but it arrived hours after the workshop. 

It was a chance taken for granted. The offer was that the speaker, in the name of Joaquin Henson, a famed national sports columnist of the Philippine Star and a commentator of the PBA games, would give freebies as well as choose the top ten best sports write-ups to be placed in one of the columns of the PhilStar paper. The excerpts of their work will appear nationwide with their names on it. What an opportunity!

But as what I have said, that did not happen to me. It came as quick as it faded. I was left without a choice but to look at the rest of the busy students brainstorming and spilling their hearts out in a piece of paper worth a hundred words. 

I was not so upset though, for after a few minutes, the speaker was able to announce his choice. Two of my comrades got the sixth and the second place, winning a PBA shirt and an authentic cap, respectively. It was a sheer delight that brought me priding my publication and the school we are representing. Although I got irritated of someone who kept on bragging his win, I still commend him and the rest of the winners. 

Lesson learned? Have your ballpen at all times.

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