Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"Where ever you are right now, ne'er forget I will cherish those times we were together."

I had rich childhood memories stored inside my wee brain, many of which were about my clumsiness and wittiness with our neighbors. I was loved by them, when I was still the only child in the family. It was a good time indeed but being alone did not last long for two years later, I was given a cute little sister which, I remembered, I dragged from the second floor up to the first floor using the long flight of stairs of our house because she will not keep quiet.

Anyway, that is a little out of context. This is what it really is. We had a very kind neighbor, with a simple house made of bamboo standing just across the street. The good wife has a sari-sari store where I used to buy salt, vinegar, and soy sauce. She would then ask me what I wanted then I will run back home to give Nanay what she has requested me to buy. I was just two years old that time. 

At the strike of night, I would slowly make my way out of our house and end up sitting in their bamboo chair to enjoy watching t.v. They would invite me to dinner but I would refuse. Then, the good wife will start to comb my hair while I eat some peanuts from the lamiseta. I was just a little kid that time and feeling shy was never in my vocabulary since they are already considered as a part of my childhood existence. 

The moment my mother ailed about her stomach, all because my little sister is coming out any minute, I was asked to run to their house and tell Tatay to get a midwife. He was watching a basketball game that time and he has to fetch the midwife quick before it's too late. Then, the good wife went with me to our house, fixed a warm bed for my mother, and accompanied us while the midwife hasn't arrived yet.

This good wife has helped us in many ways and has been my make-believe grandmother who had been very kind to me. Now, I have to sadly say, she's gone for good, and I haven't even visited her since the day I said farewell to her and her family because we have to transfer to another residence. She told me to visit her every time and not to forget her. But I was just a little kid who forgot that petty promise I made with her. 

A few days ago, I realized from my father that she has died because of cervical cancer, if I am not mistaken. My father kept on inviting me to visit the wake and my want to go was also sincere but considering the things that I have to do and study, I have estimated that my time would not be enough. However, I have finally made up my decision to visit her, perhaps two or three days from now. 

I am saddened with what happened because it is a painful loss to her family. And that includes me. 

I extend my heartfelt condolences to your family, and though you cannot read this blog post, I made this one for you, my dear Auntie Lilia. Save the spooks for Halloween. 

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