Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Testimony From a Fighter

With God, all things are possible. 

This morning, while preparing myself for the Sunday service, I cannot avoid myself from anticipating to see a sister in Christ who has missed fellowshipping with us for quite a long time now.

A couple of months ago, she has been feeling random headaches and nosebleeds that disturbed her pretty well. With that, she has to stay home, tolerate the pain, and even miss Sunday services. She then decided to see a doctor for possible complications. To her terror, she found out that she has a brain tumor and that it has been growing ceaselessly. The doctor told her to have it removed or else her head would pop and bigger problems might occur later on.

The discovery itself was a big problem for after several check-ups and C.T. scans, she was given two tough choices -- to have it operated and lose her memory for good or to let it grow and wait for her time to arrive. 

She sought for her pastor's advise and was offered prayers by all the church members. At first, she decided to try to go natural and slashed meat and hard foods from her diet. However, as time went by, the pain persisted and she has to return to that tough decision that she has to make.

She finally made a great leap of faith. She told the congregation in the church that she is attending that she has decided to have her head operated. She was so willing to go for it, and was hopeful that it would be the solution to her problem. I can see the conviction in her eyes that day. She was still smiling when she shared it to all of us. She seemed not to be affected for, according to her, she has a strong faith in God and that if ever He will allow her to lose her memory, then she knows that her kids and her husband is in good hands.

She was operated in Cebu and we prayed without ceasing for her recovery. She wasn't afraid of anything at all, well except perhaps the hospital bills. This was evident in her face moments before her operation started. The doctors were even surprised with the high spirits she has been exhibiting all throughout her existence in that hospital. She seemed not to have any ailments at all.

The operation lasted for four hours. Then, her daughter called up our pastor saying that she had undergone a successful procedure. Our main concern yet was her memory. Did she lose it? Would she remember she has three kids and a hopeful husband abroad? Would she even remember her name? Questions ran through my head. What might happen next?

To make it short, she has come home after months of confinement and has attended the Sunday service again. But she has to return to Cebu for more radiation therapies. Well, she did not lose her memory, if that was what you think. Another answered prayer once again.

On her testimony before the worship service this morning, she said that she was never afraid of what the surgeon did to her. She knew that if the Lord will allow her to be gone for good in this mundane earth, she will be with her Heavenly Father, enjoying an eternal life in that place He solely prepared for all of them who believed in Him. She has even managed to make a joke out of it. "May pay nalimot na lang gani ko para wala na koy problemahon." Then, her eyes turned watery. A smile followed.

There, I realized how God gave her that second life she requested. And not only that. He gave her a firm spirit through that tough time. He knew she could make it because He promised not to leave her nor forsake her. She already has this assurance on where to go after Death will eat her up. The scars on her head are still there but the stitches are slowly healing. It really made a mark on her skull and she has to have her hair cut. But now, she's as normal as she looks with those jovial smiles and words of inspiration for all of us.

"We will all die but the extension of our life is always a great blessing."


  1. wow :)i feel blessed while reading this post rol'z :D

  2. super blessed :) God is always good jud. Nice au ang ending.. naa jpun ia memories :)

  3. ..oh yeah...thanks for the comments :)

    ...nanambok gane s'ya run and still smiling

  4. God is good all the time basta musalig ra ta "NIYA" HE will never leave us nor forsake us thanks for sharing us her faith. It is strong enough that enables her to have a new life. GOD BLESS YOU!!!


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