Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not All First Impressions Last

Some of them would only last for a minute or so.

I was riding a jeepney to school one Thursday morning and I was not in the mood to mind the people around me. However, one guy caught my attention -- not him really, but the shirt he was wearing. You see, I have this attitude of reading t-shirt prints especially when it is embossed in a colorful manner.

Anyway, he sat across my seat and what made me react silently was the "No guts, no glory" cliche on the upper portion of his shirt. Then, I stealthily inspected the logo below it. It was already a blur on my mind but I think it was of a lion or an eagle of some kind. On the lowest portion was an unclear print yet I was able to read it -- Kappa Alpha. I immediately concluded that he was a fraternity member. I glanced at his face. He looked intrepid and silent. But I know that he is hiding something from within his face that made him a member of that certain brotherhood.

After making that concluding statement, I shifted to watching the views outside. Moments later, however, my eye redirected me to that shirt. I reread the print. To my surprise, the message below was not the same message that I read earlier. Now, it was "CVIRAA Meet 2010." I don't know if I will still believe what I just saw but it was really it. I tried to stop smiling and moved my lips in an ostentatious manner so that no one would think that I have gone crazy for laughing without a reason.

My intrepid impression of him lasted for almost ten minutes. This time, I would be cautious in reading things and putting conclusions in them. Maybe my eyes have defect already or maybe I was just preoccupied by something. I don't know. What I know is that I read it wrongly and I would try my best not to do it again.

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