Thursday, October 22, 2009

He Said He's Still Innocent
by Carrots

He was in jail for almost six years as what the news said. He had many mistresses and built many mansions for them. He was forced to decline from his position because of an angry mob. And now, here he is again, declaring that he will join the candidacy for the 2010 elections.

Last night, October 21, on a special coverage of TV Patrol World, Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada officially declared that he will be running as a president in the 2010 elections with Jejomar Binay as his vice president. He was asked if it is still alright for him to run when in fact he was convicted. He answered that he is not doing it for himself but for his mother who died because of too much grief and for the poor people of the country. He was applauded by his audience. So sweet his promises were. So foolish the people were to believe his speech of lies.

Just think of it. Would you still believe and vote for a person that was imprisoned? According to the news, a person that has become the president of the Philippines is no longer allowed to indulge in any reelection. That means that Erap is no longer eligible for any reelection--even as a Barangay Kagawad. But why is he pushing himself to the spotlight that is not really for him?

In a statement made by his friend, it was specified that he is not joining any reelection but intends to continue the term that was cut because of the "forced eviction". Then why is he joining the election and making his own ad in the television if he only intends to continue the term? And is it even legal in the Philippines?

Well many strange things happen in the Philippine government as long as you have your fame and fortune. Friends in the politics can help you, too. Just make sure that you are one of them. Rich convicts are treated well and isolated in air conditioned rooms while common prisoners are thrown in mosquito-infested cells. Wealthy rapists are immediately brougth to the hospital if they need a check-up but indigent ones are set aside and only taken care of when they are about to die. Is that what we call a fair share? It never became a fair share, I tell you.

Now, this person who wishes to run for president in the 2010 elections is never gonna win. I don't know what kind of people threw him in jail and what kind of people are pushing him to run as their leader in the near 2010. Do you want to listen again to what he said before? "Bangkarote na ang kaban ng bayan". Is that the leader that you want in the future? A convict? An unloyal husband? A jueteng master?

Think about it. Good leaders are supposed to sit in the throne of presidency because our country deserves someone who would take good care of our natural resources and human dignity. If you aren't convinced yet, listen to how he speak. He's no more than a drunkard that just jumped out of bed. Imagine our country if he will reign again. I'd better be lost that time than endure the foolishness of a nation's wrong move.

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  1. dhai.., g.sermon k???

    hehehe.., kalma rwah uie..,

    i also believe in ur stand and i hope others do..,
    i dnt knw about the stupid ones.., hehehe.., f only i cud vote, m.dato dg.y q rong election.., naa nxad qy png.unli..., ahehehe.., tnx to d politicians.., they dnt knw that people were jst too wise to be deceived by them.., gpngkwrtahan rwah cla tnan.., ahahah;)


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