Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Dark Procession has Ended
by Carrots

I have been anticipating for this moment to arrive. Now that it is thru, I have to enjoy the rest of my semestral break, watching t.v. and writing stories.

My final exam was mind-bugging as I thought (even worse than I imagined). I have lots of things to memorize, write, and memorize again. I am not expecting high grades because I know the limitation of my performance but I do hope that God would pity me and give me a grade that would satisfy me and my family.

I tell you it was not easy to study and stay late in the evening, murmuring about the past lessons that you did not even understand. There were even disturbances like thunderstorms or howls of dogs or eerie cries of stray cats that would surely freak you out. It wasn't easy to be awake until 1 in the morning, staring at your paper and understanding nothing. Then, you just end up learning a morsel for that night.

Projects were also adding the burden of the problematic mind. I am taking a course that surely invites stresses in. Our Ed1 teacher gave us a task that undoubtfully made my eye bags bulge in just two nights. She made us re-write the things that we have encoded in our activity. I considered it as the most painful process of project making since I was born. Can you imagine re-writing the whole ten page of a research paper and to think that we have two research papers (skip two lines pajud!). Plus the interviews from teachers, some essays, and other stuffs. It really made my hand swell and I seemed to be hydrophobiac after every writing activity.

Thank goodness I got some assistants who willingly imparted something for the completion of my project.I got my mother who did the cut-outs, my younger sister who arranged my write-ups and another friend living in our house who made the borders look beautiful. Although my mother kept on asking me why my teacher made us do it, I'd only shrug because I do not also have the know-how.

Everything has ended now. Thank God it is over. I can never imagine how time flies so fast and at least it did. The black parade has reached the church.

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