Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cheers To The New Me

“Make your life like your hair. Life is short. Let it grow – just like the way you want it to be.”

For years, I was stuck with my long tresses and side bangs. I felt comfortable and safe with it. Little did I know that during those times, I was hiding my esteem behind my locks. It did not mean that I have low self-esteem though. I just felt so me. Since I wanted to see someone new in the mirror, I decided to have my hair cut.

Other than that, I have a deeper reason for having it cut. I wanted to move on from my former self – from the self which thought too much of the future when I can entrust it entirely to the Lord. New hair means “moving on”.

Moreover, I wanted to have a new “image” for my 22nd birthday. And yeah, that’s today. Valor Day! Happy birthday to me. hehe

Yesterday, I braved into going to the salon to have my shortest hair cut yet. I felt so confident at first, but when I started seeing hair on the floor, I felt my heart sink so deep. I said my goodbyes to them and moved on quickly. :D

The final look was satisfying. I wished it was shorter than this, but for now, I am happy with this length. Maybe a week from now, I’ll have this cut much shorter.

It feels good to have short hair. I can play with it and comb it with my fingers. Most importantly, it feels so liberating to have such. Cheers to the new hair! 


  1. cheers to the new hair. It's nice. and I love the quotation you have in the beginning. Sort of tells you more of how you need to treat life. let it grow and cut what is unnecessary

  2. this is a good read... belated happy birthday, and happy weekend!


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