Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The "Twenty Things for Twenie Me" Project

 Belated happy August, by the way! :) 

During those cold boring nights, when I had no class and just seated in front of the computer, waiting for nothing, I thought I would dare myself to the things I haven't done before, things I wanted to happen again and things I am afraid to do. So I made this list which I called the Twenty Things for Twenie Me project. Here is the list of the things I ought to do. As long as I am twenty years old, which will expire next year, I am valid to do it in no particular order. :) 

The "Twenty Things for Twenie Me" Project
1. Learn to sew a skirt.
2. Sew and wear a skirt to a stroll.
3. Ask a seamstress to sew me two dresses.
4. Wear a skirt to work.
5. Meet a blogger and blog about it. 
6. Meet a faraway friend 
7. Finish two novels in one week.
8. Eat two baluts.
9. Watch Titanic.
10. Write events on my diary for two straight weeks (no matter how unimportant that day is)
11. Watch "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in the theater.
12. Buy something from a boutique. 
13. Make ice cream cake.
14. Attend a Sunday Service at another Baptist church.
15. Go camping.
16. Swim in the sea with siblings.
17. Front yard picnic with siblings.
18. Finish a whole pizza by myself.
19. Give someone a Bible. 
20. Invite someone to church.

I have done some of the aforementioned. I will give you the update on my next posts. hihi. *_*


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