Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Time To Cram (emotional rush of excitement)

At least as early as now, I have experienced the pressures of being a real Education student. The activities are not as easy as you think. At first, when you are still at the stage of planning and simulating homeworks and other unimportant things, everything seems to be as easy as 1-2-3 but later on, you will realize that the excitement that you have felt before will be replaced by a shocking display of cramming and creativity shortage.

The moment I realized that the report for our major is only a few hours away, I cannot imagine myself standing in a crowd of curious and cunning faces without a single word coming from my mouth. How can I be then an effective teacher later on if the only thing I can do in front of my classmates during my reportorial is just comb my hair with sweaty fingers and do an ogling motion? Before the big, stressing night, I have soaked myself in the internet cafe, making this post and craning at other people's businesses.

I was planning to log out a few minutes ago but I cannot afford to leave this site with a draft on my post list. I still have to finish my research regarding our topic for tomorrow in the same subject.

Nothing more can compare to the confusion that I am having now. I don't know what to read and study since I have not found references. I don't have any idea on where to start reading because we weren't given any medium to study. For short, we will be having a pre-test tomorrow and our smart teacher in Ed just happens to be so secretive about her topics for the next coverage of our lessons. What a hard situation! Not knowing, even for one percent, on what might come out on the quiz (kawawang mga nilalang...since we're many).

Hahai..Life must go on and tomorrow would definitely end like how this day would end. I have the responsibility now to finish this task and no matter what the outcome is, the Lord must be glorified.

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